Friday, May 3, 2013

Briar Take Two/ MMM!

Side view

Another brair! This one is a. a cardigan and b. white! It feels so comfy and soft :) I'm really happy with it. Also what you can't see from this photo is the small family walking by, and children asking if I was a statue while I posed for the timer to go off. 

My sewing machine got really upset making buttonholes in this fabric though! Oi! Error after error message kept flashing. They looked okay though, so I just marched forward making them. 

I could not get a decent shot of the front buttoned up to save my life. I propped my camera up in trees, on stools, and tried selfies to no avail. 

I really love these buttons though with the white knit! They seem so regal! Additionally all I had in the house was brown thread, and I REALLY wanted to finish this project before I left for Japan, so brown thread I used! I think the contrast actually looks pretty cool.


  1.!! Briar cardi!! I love it!! you did so awesome honey - i've been wanting to make a Briar cardi for ages and haven't gotten there yet - you've totally pushed me in the direction!

  2. This is seriously adorable. I love the dipped hem!! I've been kind of on the fence about Briar, but now I want it too!