Friday, April 19, 2013

Bacterial Break Briar

In celebration of finishing my mircobiology midterm, I made a briar last night!

Its a super cuddly black french terry my boyfriend got at fabricland for one of his projects. Fortunately for me he decided it was too heavy for his purposes and I got to use the scrapped project to make this beauty! 

The cropped version doesn't take much fabric, and you can cut the front and back in two pieces if need be. 

Sorry for the horrible photos, I'm in a classroom studying plant physiology, so I used my laptop and the fluorescent lights aren't doing much for me either. 

I cut a size xsmall in the neckline (I like I higher neck), and a medium in the shoulder/arm/chest area and graded back down to an xsmall. I also graded the sleeves from a medium to an xsmall and added a couple inches of length to them. Next time I think I will cut a small in the shoulder/arm/chest region just because there is a bit of unnecessary pooling under there. 

The briar seemed like a summer top to me, but it has been really nice to wear on these blustery days (still snowing a bit where I live). Additionally, it doesn't get all bunchy at the bottom with my coat, hoolllaa for cropped sweaters! 

ALSO THE SLEEVES ARE LONG ENOUGH. This is a big deal for me. I feel my wrists are the most scandalous part of arm. They always seem to be bare, or flashing out of sleeves. Alas, they have finally be tamed by french terry. 

Here is my last attempt at classroom photography! 
I feel like is definitely cake, but special cake you know? Ice cream cake! Its simple and comfortable enough to wear with a lot of different things, and all the time, but the design is just a little fresher than my other staples.

I love independent patterns as I have said before. LOVE. Obsessed! I think Megan Nielsen is my favourite right now though, because her patterns are a little less formal that a lot of other designers. For example, Colette, oh my goodness, beautiful! Sadly though, when I'm at the library, class, or lounging around at school I just don't find dresses as comfortable to sit in for long hours. Additionally, my campus is made mostly of hundred year old limestone buildings in Canada, i.e. draughty in a parka.  Sadly beautiful dresses, then require leggings and sweaters, and I feel a little ridiculous wearing a dress when I don't really need to be wearing it. As in I could be just as easily be wearing only the leggings and sweater. I think there is also such an easiness and chill vibe I get from Megan Nielsen's designs that resonate with my personality a bit better. I am just super into it right now!! I already have plans to make a bunch more Banksias and I can't wait!

Now back to everyone's favourite... GLYCOLYSIS!

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