Monday, April 8, 2013

Upcoming Project!

I am swamped under a heart crushing essay on the experiences of Aboriginal women living with HIV/AIDs in Canada right now, so I am going to give myself a little pick me up by talking about my next sewing project!

Has anyone else seen the scalloped hem tutorial on Megan Nieslen's blog? I have never had any desire to make a scalloped hem before I saw this beautiful skirt!

I love the colour, and the length too, but darn those scallops are cute! Plus I am going to take this opportunity to do some stash busting.

Sundials in Glow, Anna Marina Horner
I think the scallops plus the goofy shaped circle of this fabric will be really fun together, and I don't own any patterned bottom so more than stash busting I am wardrobe hole filling!

Okay that's it for now! All the bloggers seem to have cats, but I am deathly allergic, so I will have to leave you with this nugget instead.

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