Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kelly, I'm Spiralling Out of Control!

Sorry for the continuous updates on this kelly skirt, I am writing finals and every step feels like I have concurred the sewing world!!! All that's left on this galpal is the buttons! I decided not to do any scallops only because the skirt ended up shorter than anticipated, and time constraints before my family vacation!

I have to say I am have fallen even deeper in love with this skirt pattern. New number one skirt pattern. I am in love Megan Nielsen and her patterns. The Banksia is already my got to, number one woven top pattern, and I plan on investing in a Briar pronto.

It has been such a pleasure to sew, but a few things I would change about my approach.

Make S instead of M next time! Also, check the fit around the waste BEFORE sewing french seams. I won't lie, I didn't unpick them, I just introduced a third seam making it... a SUPER french seam?

Additionally next time I REALLY want to do scallops!!

All I have left are those pesky buttons!

Hopefully I will get the buttons on soon! I am so happy the way this skirt is turning out! 


  1. Love your skirt! :) I love the Kelly pattern, it looks so great on all the blogs! I really want to try it!

    1. Thanks!! Its such an easy quick sew! Highly recommend it!