Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Just little by little

I am so impressed how fast this skirt is coming together! There is something to be said for simple patterns, and their immediate satisfaction results. 

I was thinking today while sewing that I could have drafted a skirt equivalent to this one on my own, as I have seen others do around the blogsphere. To be honest with you though, I just don't feel right about it with independent designers. Its like I know them! I read their blogs, I see pictures of their children, I actually get so much happiness about supporting their businesses. As always the instructions are beautiful, but I also find the supplementary stuff designers like Megan Nielsen and Tasia provide online are a huge component of why I love buying their patterns! Its like I am never alone in my sewing. The effect could also be amplified by all the other bloggers who are sewing the same patterns as you. Such a wonderful sense of community and support. 

As a student sometimes it is hard to justify the cost of independent patterns, but for me, if it means owning less patterns, but supporting the businesses with practices I believe in (like printing on recycled paper for example) I think its worth it.

Anyway, I am in love with this pattern, and am so excited to sew those scallops!!!!

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